Brea Cooper, Master’s Level Student Intern

FOCUS: Couples and Individual Teens and Women

Brea Cooper
Master’s-Level Student Intern
Supervised by Dr. Viviana Coles, DMFT, LMFT-S, CST
I believe in providing a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals and couples to be their true authentic self. My motto is, “healing won’t happen overnight, but you can rest assured knowing that the journey will be a collaborative effort.”
I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Houston. Currently, I am pursuing my MS in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling.

My primary goal is to enable clients to self-evaluate and develop their own abilities to cope with difficult thought processes and situations with awareness, acceptance (i.e., non-judgment), and compassion. In session, I utilize a variety of therapy modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). When appropriate, other techniques may include role-playing, specific skill-building, and mindfulness. Ultimately, it is my desire to tailor a treatment plan to meet your individual and relational needs and desire for change.