My role as your counselor is to guide you through a journey of awareness, healing, and growth in your relationships with others and with yourself. I believe that our most intimate relationship – that with ourselves – influences the way we view our world and our outer relationships. Because therapy is not one-size-fits all, I place an importance on practicing cultural sensitivity during therapy sessions with my clients.

I enjoy supporting couples in understanding their needs and desires in relationships on a deeper level. In therapy I help clients gain more awareness of how these desires have developed. I find that this allows couples to have clarity around the patterns of tension or arguments that may continue to happen in their relationships, and this clarity can help them resolve those areas of conflict.

I have a particular interest and experience in helping couples improve intimacy and connection in their relationship. In therapy, I encourage couples to explore their sexuality and connection which I find allows them to communicate about sexuality on a deeper level. Together, they learn that sex is not only about what happens in the bedroom.

Along with a Masters in Counseling and Sex Therapy Education from Texas Sex Therapy Institute, I have also have training in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. I find that my Spiritual Psychology education has provided me with more tools to support clients through their journey of healing, and ultimately deepening their connection with themselves.

FOCUS: Premarital, Couples, Individuals, Relational Sex Therapy, South Asian Counseling

All sessions take place at 1302 N. Shepherd Drive, 3rd Floor