Dr. Viviana Coles is President and Lead Psychotherapist at Houston Relationship Therapy. Dr. Coles holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also President at the National Sex Therapy Institute, a Sex Therapy Certification program for mental health professionals.

Need to be seen asap/today? Please call 1.800.913.9613 for Urgent Session options.

NOTE: All sessions will be held on weekdays. An after-hours fee of $100 will be added for those who prefer after hours or weekends and will be subject to availability. Special accommodations can be made for clients who require special privacy measures on a case-by-case basis. 

Since 2003, Dr. Viviana Coles has exclusively focused on her work with couples and individuals experiencing emotional and physical intimacy issues. She has built a thriving private practice providing relationship therapy, sex therapy and premarital counseling. Dr. Viviana was formerly a featured marriage expert on Lifetime’s hit show “Married at First Sight.” When not in session or filming relationships segments at Fox 26 Houston, Dr. Coles enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two children and traveling with family and friends.

In order to provide the best couples and sex therapy services I can, I am always keeping up with today’s trends through ongoing research and training. It is important to me and, more importantly, to my clients that I constantly hone my skills in order to be the best couples and sex therapist. I have been a Couples Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist for over nearly 2 decades. Helping couples through emotionally and physically tough times is what I enjoy doing on a daily basis. And while I am qualified to help with a myriad of problems, focusing on relational and sexual problems allows me to help my clients in an effective and timely manner. I GET TO SOLUTIONS RIGHT AWAY; I DON’T NEED 2 OR 3 SESSIONS TO GET GOING.

Couples and individuals experiencing feelings of physical and emotional disconnection and resentment make up the majority of my clientele. I help couples and individuals discover if they can move their relationships to a healthier status. I see most of my couples in both couples and individual sessions as needed. I feel very strongly that the investment in therapy should be met with quality services. UNLIKE OTHER THERAPISTS, I JUMP RIGHT IN AND ENCOURAGE MY CLIENTS TO DO THE SAME. I WANT YOU TO FEEL AND BE BETTER AS A COUPLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Having a practice that focuses on working with emotional and physical intimacy allows for all of us to be effective and efficient when working with clients. This is what we do each and every day…and we love it! If working with Dr. Viviana is beyond reach for whatever reason, the other therapists on her team have more availability and a variety of rates to suit most. They are supervised by Dr. Viviana weekly. Check out her Team of qualified clinicians at her private practice Houston Relationship Therapy. 

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