In our home, the kids just finished school for the year and we’re getting ourselves into summer mode. And if I’m being honest, I get a little overwhelmed thinking of the many days and activities I’ll need to plan to keep everyone happy/busy/smart/active/fed/peaceful…and the list goes on. Combine that work with my work as a counselor, and I have more than a full time job on my hands! Sound familiar?

As a mom, you might work full time outside the home. You leave the kids with your nanny or at a daycare, and work your butt off until you pick them up at dinner time or maybe after. Or, maybe you work part time and spend your time tagging in and out, running from ballet practice to a meeting, and living on iced coffee and Starbucks protein boxes. And maybe you are a mom who has chosen to spend this season of life away from pursuing a career, and instead your schedule is filled with making PBJ sandwiches and toting your crew to the zoo, children’s museum, and adventures all over town.

Whatever your role as a mother looks like, it’s common that women feel guilt for everything they’re not doing. Whether it’s working moms missing school field trips, or stay at home moms who wish they were contributing to their families’ finances, there’s usually some lingering feelings of regret or guilt that “I can’t do it all.”

Moms, you are superwomen. You may not be able to do it all, but you are doing enough. You’re on call 24 hours a day, and you’re absolutely nailing it. Take some time this summer to thank yourself for the hard work you put into being a parent – give yourself some of the same attention, love, and care you give to your family each day. No one else could do the job you do. You are loved!

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