Dr. Viviana talks Intimacy | Naked Folk Podcast

What defines intimacy? What makes for lasting intimacy in relationships? How can couples stay active in their connection, growth and long-term happiness? In this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of talking to @doctorviviana — who you may know from her time as a matchmaker on Married at First Sight — and her work as America’s…

Sexual Health Week: Navigating STD concerns | Fox 26

Asking your partner to wear a condom can be awkward and may be taken the wrong way. There are so many valid reasons to use safer sex practices in all intimate relationships. Some need to avoid contact with semen during at-risk pregnancies, others want to avoid the spread of contagious sexually-transmitted  infections, and others simply…

Confident in Love with Dr. Viviana Coles | What’s Your Story? Podcast

Matt Story | 8/20/2023 Listen to the Full Episode HERE Since she was a little girl, Dr. Viviana Coles has always had her superpower of being confident. She combined that with a curiosity for psychology, sociology and eventually intimacy to become nationally recognized marriage and sex therapist that was featured on the hit show Married…

Online Dating Tips with Dr. Viviana | Colorado & Company 9 News

Claudia asks for top dating tips from Relationship Expert Dr. Viviana Coles. Watch the full segment HERE. Get your copy of the #4intimacystyles HERE. Matchmaker, VIVID Relationships, Therapist, TV Therapist, Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy, Relationship Expert #love #dating #morningshow #relationships #couples #parenting #doctorviviana #houstonrelationshiptherapy #initiation #sex #coco @coloradoandcompany  

Episode 3: Power of Influence (Podcast with America’s Love Expert, Dr.Viviana Coles)

In the third episode of Influence Series, Professor P goes over the book “The Five Love Languages” by Dr.Gary Chapman and have Dr.Viviana Coles as as well as two of his students, Kimmeshri Harrichan and Liana Pogosyan, as his special guests. <iframe allow=”autoplay” width=”100%” height=”300″ src=”https://www.iheart.com/podcast/338-professor-p-117043083/episode/episode-3-power-of-influence-podcast-118871163/?embed=true” frameborder=”0″></iframe> LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE