The Power of Conscious Self-Touch | Fox 26

The tender touch of others is so powerful, but a lot of times you don’t necessarily need another person. Intimacy expert Dr. Viviana Coles talks about conscious self-touch and its benefits both mentally and physically. Watch the full episode HERE #love #dating #morningshow #relationships #couples #parenting #doctorviviana #houstonrelationshiptherapy #selftouch #pelvicfloor #goodsleep #masturbation

holiday stress

Holiday Stress

As we enter the holiday season, many of us feel a complex combination of emotions that can overwhelm and affect our relationships. Anxious and depressed feelings can occur as a result of the thoughts about family gatherings, increased workloads, and the hustle to find that perfect gift for someone dear to us. These challenges are…

Costume Appeal

It’s that time of year when thousands of people, adults and kids alike, search for “the perfect outfit” to wear to celebrate Halloween. But why does this appeal so much to us? What is it about dressing up that makes us so giddy? It allows us to be someone else. In fact, we can be…