Confident in Love with Dr. Viviana Coles | What’s Your Story? Podcast

Matt Story | 8/20/2023 Listen to the Full Episode HERE Since she was a little girl, Dr. Viviana Coles has always had her superpower of being confident. She combined that with a curiosity for psychology, sociology and eventually intimacy to become nationally recognized marriage and sex therapist that was featured on the hit show Married…

Initiation and Making Love | Fox 26

Intimacy expert Dr. Viviana Coles discusses why it’s important to share the responsibility of sexual initiation. Watch the full episode HERE #love #dating #morningshow #relationships #couples #parenting #doctorviviana #houstonrelationshiptherapy #initiation #sex For more tips, tricks, and helpful relationship insights from Dr. Viviana Coles, subscribe to her email list at

Dr. Viviana: Licensed Relationship & Sex Therapist Pt. 2 | Adultish Whines

Dr. Viviana is diving a bit deeper into common relationship problems: sleeping in separate rooms, awkward sex talk, etc and she goes into single dating life for those of us who need it – buckle up! Dr. Viviana is breaking down her book, “The 4 intimacy Styles”..Paige took the quiz and spoiler alert, she needs…

America’s Intimacy Expert Dr. Viviana Coles | REALationships Podcast

LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE REALationships Podcast with Devon & Asha Still | Full Episodes In this enlightening episode, we talk to “America’s Intimacy Expert” Dr. Viviana Coles about the often challenging and sensitive topic of overcoming a sexless marriage. We explore the underlying causes, potential solutions, and empowering strategies to rebuild intimacy and…

Real Love Ready Podcast-The 4 Intimacy Styles

Dr. Viviana answers community questions and talks to Robin Ducharme about The 4 Intimacy Styles. Listen to the full episode here Get her book “The 4 Intimacy Styles: The Key to Lasting Physical Intimacy,” at #realloveready #podcast #relationships #relationshiptips #sexualhealth #sexualwellness #doctorviviana #doctorvivianamethod